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Instrument Technology & Styling

All Hearing Aids supplied are not only Digital, but Programmable. This means that should your hearing change during the useful life of the instruments, they can almost always be re-programmed to take account of your new hearing levels. The exception is if your new hearing levels fall outside the fitting limits of the existing instruments.

Please note: an appointment is essential for ear wax removal services or hearing tests.

No One Needs to Know

There are many different sizes of aid. The day of the bulky hearing aid has gone and no-one need know that you wear an instrument. There are three main In-The-Ear (ITE) styles (below). There is also an even smaller IIC (Invisible In Canal) style – not shown because only a small minority of people are suitable – we will advise when we see you.
The ideal style for you will be a combination of what you need (from our tests), what you want, and what is Possible, the size or shape of your Ear/s may affect the choices available as may your budget! Your Hearing Aid Audiologist will take everything into account.

hearing device in ear

Full Shell

Full Shell style fills the entire ear. Easiest to handle.

hearing device in ear


Canal style fills approximately one third of the ear. A discreet, easy to handle fitting.

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There is virtually nothing to be seen! Battery replacement requires reasonable dexterity.

Your Prescription

Our expert Tests establish your Prescription and for in-the-ear models we take Impressions of your ears which are then sent to the Laboratories and scanned. State of the art computer design systems then build a suitable Hearing Instrument “shell” literally from a pool of liquid acrylic – it’s fascinating to watch.
The Instrument is then programmed to your current hearing levels via a computer. As your prescription changes over the years, the instrument can be re-programmed as your needs change. Programmable Instruments can also be automatic (no volume adjustment) and have extra features such as multi-memories, directional microphones, anti-feedback measures and noise management systems – meaning you hear more clearly in a variety of situations, with the minimum of effort.
Many Hearing Aids are now wireless-enabled which means you can connect other wireless accessories to them, such as your bluetooth mobile phone, a TV streamer, or a remote microphone. These accessories can greatly help in difficult listening situations.

Ear Care Service (Earwax Removal)

You may not need a Hearing Aid at all – something simple like earwax may be affecting your hearing. We can check and using the latest technology you can actually see for yourself whether there is a build-up of earwax inside your ears or even inside your Digital Hearing Aid.

Earwax is normal but not when it affects your hearing or your Hearing Aids. We are now able to remove excessive earwax easily and safely, and without delay. Mr D. Foley RHAA FSHAA has been trained and certified by Aston University and no fewer than three of the UK’s most eminent and respected ENT Surgeons/Consultants for your complete reassurance. We employ a range of techniques and there is absolutely no need to seek a GP appointment, as our one-stop service takes care of all your routine earwax problems.

Please note: an appointment is essential for ear wax removal services or hearing tests.

We Also Offer...


We have access to the world’s largest Hearing Aid repair facilities. Wherever you bought your digital or Hearing Aid- we can have it repaired! Our repair charges are very competitive and repairs carry a 6 month guarantee.

Battery Service

We supply all sizes of Hearing Aid batteries. We also guarantee to beat the price of any retail supplier including their special offers. Just ring us or email with your current prices.

Tinnitus Care

As an accredited Tinnitus Advisor and current member of the British Tinnitus Association (and as a sufferer of constant tinnitus in both ears) we can offer honest advice on tinnitus devices and coping systems. Please note you may have to be referred (with your consent) to your GP as tinnitus may be a sign of a more serious underlying pathology.

Assistive Devices

There is a range of devices available to help hard of hearing people. Amplified doorbells, telephones, alarm clocks, TV listeners etc. Call us for a chat if there is something you are trying to source and we will get it for you at a great price.