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Frequently Asked questions

At Scotia Hearing we pride ourselves on our professional approach and outstanding customer care. We offer free Hearing Tests, Digital Hearing Aids, and a range of other devices at competitive prices.

Yes, an appointment is essential for ear wax removal services or hearing tests.

Hearing loss is normally gradual and insidious – it ‘creeps up’ on you, so it’s common for others to notice it more than you do. Also, if you simply no longer hear certain sounds then clearly you won’t know you’re missing them. A professional Hearing Evaluation is a scientific and conclusive way of finding out what you do and what you don’t hear.

We carry out a number of examinations and tests – so it’s not a 5 minute check-up. Please allow around 90 minutes for a proper consultation and discussion.

Then we’ll tell you straight – there’s no point in us wasting your time or ours if you are unlikely to benefit.

That’s like asking how much dental implants cost when you may only need a filling! There is a wide range of prices from £599 and our expertise enables us to tell you which ones are best suited to your hearing, lifestyle, and cosmetic requirements. You then choose what fits your budget and your preferences.

Yes, some do – so if we told you that a PookyWooky SXQ costs £799, how exactly would that help you if it’s totally unsuitable? Much better idea is to make an appointment, have a FREE test and then discuss what’s available and suitable without obligation with a registered, qualified, experienced Audiologist. PS : We made the PookyWooky name up- but we think it’s great!

If both ears are affected by Hearing Loss then yes – if you want to hear the best you can then you need two hearing aids – just as you need two lenses in your spectacles rather than a monocle! If only one ear is affected, then clearly you only need one instrument. If you need two but choose one then fine – but it will obviously limit the result you get and that’s a choice you can make in the knowledge of the limitations.

NO – when hearing is gone, it’s gone. We are improving the hearing you have left

Beware of advertising hyperbole. Unless it’s an extremely large pin (a rolling pin maybe) this is unrealistic. We will never make outlandish promises, we will tell you straight what is and isn’t possible.

If you go to a Ceilidh Dance the music from the band disappears and you can have a whispered conversation? No – the best Hearing Aids seek to separate the voices from the background noise and elevate the voices so you can hear over a reduced background. Think about when your hearing was great – did your ears take away the background noise? No, you heard it even better than you do today, but you could hear over it – and that’s what the best Hearing Aids try to replicate. In extreme noise, nobody can hear well and people with reduced hearing find it extremely difficult – but with the best Hearing Aids, hearing in noise can be significantly better.

Well, say you buy a behind the ear model and you’re hearing well with it but wish you’d chosen an in-the-ear model. Provided you let us know within 3 months we will change it to an equivalent model at no charge. Likewise if you’re having difficulty operating an aid, we can change it within that timescale. If your hearing aid manufacturer supersedes the model you purchased within 3 months we’ll give you the option to change up. For economy models, the privilege is reduced to 30 days.

Actually you can’t. The NHS provides a very restricted selection of instruments in order to place huge orders for Hearing Aids at prices we in the private sector could only dream of – and your chances of getting In-The-Ear hearing aids from the Scottish Health Service is very close to zero – you’d almost need to have an outer ear missing or some other deformity to prevent you hanging an aid over your ear before you’d even be considered. Further, we have no waiting lists, no clinic queues and you never have to leave your own home for any service we provide. Finally, around 90% of our clients have already been through NHS provision and after their experience of it, they want something better.

At the last count – 100% – with never a complaint on service in three decades. We think that’s pretty impressive but we are not complacent.