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About Us

At Scotia Hearing we pride ourselves on our professional approach and outstanding customer care. We offer free Hearing Tests, Digital Hearing Aids, and a range of other devices at competitive prices.

If you need Hearing Aids, you can trial them for 2 weeks completely free of charge, before you make a decision.

Our Professionally Qualified Audiologists

Your Hearing Aid Audiologist will also be not only a member but a Fellow of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA), the professional body overseeing standards in the profession and we are founder members of their Customer Care Scheme. We point these facts out not to blow our own trumpet but to assure you that we have only your best interests in mind and that we are equipped and able to look after you for however long you may want us to.

With Scotia Hearing you can take advantage of our extensive and unrivalled experience of the world of Digital Hearing Instruments as your first step on the way to improving any hearing loss identified during your friendly, relaxed, pressure free, consultation.

Price is a valid concern of any consumer so rest assured that not only does Scotia Hearing offer the world’s finest Digital Hearing Aids and the highest quality service, but also prices and payment options designed to ensure that you CAN afford a discreet, high quality Digital Hearing Aid – and one which features the latest technology available – not superseded models from over 5 years ago as you can and will find elsewhere.

Our Digital Hearing Aids

Scotia Hearing supply only the world’s finest Digital Hearing Aids, backed up with customer care, which is second to none. Quite simply we have NEVER had a complaint on service. Who else can say the same after dispensing many thousands of Hearing Aids over three decades – well, your guess is as good as ours!

When you decide to book a Hearing Test with Scotia Hearing, you’re in safe hands. You will only ever meet with a fully qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist who is Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (the same body which registers physiotherapists, practitioner psychologists, and biomedical scientists, amongst others). We do not employ unqualified/lesser qualified staff, and we refuse to endorse the current widespread model of commission based salesmen where the more you spend, the more they earn.

Please note: an appointment is essential for ear wax removal services or hearing tests.